Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Tune A Day Volume 1 (Sheet Music)

This is Katie, dropping in for a quick announcement! 

While I was doing the New Tune a Day project, I got requests all the time for the sheet music. Although some sheet music is available online in different places, lots of folks wanted to see sheet music with the variations, notations, and ornamentations I used in my videos. So I've compiled a bunch of the public domain tunes together in this volume. This first volume includes Irish jigs and reels. Future volumes will include Irish slip jigs, hornpipes, slides, and polkas; Old-Time tunes; and the other miscellaneous tunes I learned over the course of the project. When you click on the Paypal button, you will be directed to where you can pay via credit card or paypal balance. Then, you will receive an email with a PDF attachment of the tunebook from me with in 1-2 days of your order. The whole tunebook is $12.99!
I will be recording an album to go with each volume. Each album will include slowed-down and regular-tempo versions of these tunes. Volume 1's recording will be available this summer, so stay tuned here, or on facebook or Youtube!

Volume 1 contains the following tunes:

Biddy from Sligo (G Major) 6
The Banks of the Lough Gowna (A Dorian) 6
Humours of Glendart (D Major) 7
Killavil Jig (E Dorian) 7
Kitty Lie Over (D Major) 9
Kitty’s Rambles (D Mixolydian) 10
Northern [Untitled Jig] (A Dorian) 10
The Drunken Gauger (Set Dance) (G Major) 11
The Orphan Jig (E Minor) 11
The Rambling Pitchfork (D Major) 12
Sean Ryans (A Dorian) 13
Seamus Cooley’s (G Major) 13
The South West Wind (D Mixolydian) 14
Tatter Jack Walsh (D Mixolydian) 14
The Frieze Britches     (D Mixolydian) 15
The Lark’s March (D Major) 16
The Old Tipperary (G Major) 17
Winnie Hayes (E Dorian) 17
An Buailteoir Aerach (G Major) 18
Beare Island      (E Mixolydian) 19
Billy in the Lowground (C Major) 19
Bonnie Kate       (D Major) 20
Bridie’s Joy (D Major) 21
Cloonagroe (G Major) 21
Concert Reel     (A Dorian) 22
Donal A’ Phumpa (G Major) 22
Jenny Picking Cockles (D Mixolydian) 23
Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie (D Mixolydian) 24
Julia Delaney’s (D Dorian) 25
Killavil Fancy      (G Major) 25
Lady MacDonald’s (G Major) 26
Lafferty’s (E Dorian) 27
London Lasses (G Major) 27
Master Crowley’s (E Dorian) 28
Miss Longford (D Major) 28
Mother’s Delight (D Minor) 29
Mrs. Crehan’s (G Major) 29
Pigeon on the Gate (E Dorian) 30
Rakish Paddy (D Dorian) 30
Road to Errogie (G Major) 31
Sally Gardens (G Major) 31
Seàn in the Mist (E Mixolydian)