Other Fiddling Resources

Fiddle Hangout
A place where you can watch videos, listen to audio clips, chat in online forums with other fiddlers, swap advice and tips, or just lurk for fun.

Started by Tony Lawless, this is a truly uplifting place to spend time for those who are dearly fond of traditional Irish music. Members of TradConnect share videos, blogs, and live performances.

Common Folk Music (Blog)
Here's a nice place to go if you are in a musical dead-end and need some new artists to listen to.

Fiddle Freak
A blog that highlights bluegrass, Celtic, and Old-time performers and album reviews.

Folk Alley
The website for the excellent radio show.

Folk Blog
Look up all kinds of folk artists from all over the place.

The Old-Time Music Homepage
Fairly self-explanatory title.

The bilingual place for videos, inspiration, new tunes, etc.

Andy Reiner's oeuvre of many tunes.

Academy of Bluegrass
Darol Anger's Fiddle School.

My Youtube Channel
Find all of my tunes there, plus links to other youtube channels I often rely on to learn tunes.

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your rendition of Bonnie Kate.
    Great ornamentation.