Monday, May 7, 2012

2 Ridées

Today I learned a couple of ridées, which are Breton dance tunes in 6. I learned them off of a Lùnasa album. Ridées and other Breton tunes don't often have titles unless there are lyrics. These two, as far as I can tell, are like that.

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  1. Hi Katie,

    I've just begun a similar project - this is only my third day. I won't be publishing my recordings for a while yet though. The reason is, I play the double bass, not fiddle, and fiddle tunes are quite tricky to get to sound nice, with the 5ths vs. 4ths tuning and all...

    Being Finnish, I've begun with Finnish and Swedish tunes. You'll find these tunes on YouTube if you're interested.

    Day 1: Antin Mikko (polska)
    Day 2: Konstan parempi valssi (waltz)
    Day 3: Skräplandschottis (which is how I came across your site)