Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Booth Shot Lincoln

Here's a simple old time tune in cross-tuning. I learned it from one of my students, who learned it off of an Uncle Earl album.


  1. Just found your site and youtube videos. I've only been playing for 9 months and I pick up tunes easily, some easily than others. I played guitar(and still do)for the past 25 years but have always loved the fiddle and old time music cause it resembles rock music in a weird sort oif way, but anyway I enjoy your NTAD and it has inspired me even more to learn and get better daily.

    Booth shot lincoln is one of my favorites, by the way. Also I'd love if you would learn"Say old man can you play the fiddle" cause I'm working on that on myself a very hard tune but awesome too. I'm rambling...


    1. Oh, and I'm also on fiddlehangout if you frequent there. My name on there is NCarolinaFiddler.