Monday, November 7, 2011

Humours of Glendart

Daylight savings only works on one end of the day, so my late afternoon videos will likely be dark for the next 6 months.  Today I did a simple little jig that was suggested by one of my reliable sources, Lars M.  I learned it off of a Planxty album.

Since it's getting colder (in the northern hemisphere anyway), I'm noticing my mammal-inheritance.  I feel like hoarding lots of food and never leaving my warm little cave.


  1. Ace! Now you just have to continue the set with 'Saddle the pony' and Brian O'Lynn to make it ace..ier ;)

  2. Your tune inspired me to listen to another of my favourite sets, two slip jigs (pretty please, learn/play both as they "belong" together ;)

    'The kid on the mountain' (suspect it's from Seamus Ennis, this version, in any case it differs from the more mainstream version that among others, the Bothy band does)
    'An Phis Fhliuch' another great tune i have heard brilliant versions by Chieftains and Davy Spillane as well as this, by Planxty


  3. I know An Phis Fliuch already, but I'll def check out the other tune!

  4. This one is GREAT! It reminded me of winter at the sugar shack (Cabane à sucre) when I was a kid, dancing into the night, high on maple sugar treats.