Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Old Bush

Sore sore sore muscles.  I followed the pain and suffering from the half marathon I did today with an ice-bath chaser, which I guess is supposed to help.  Pain!  Suffering!  All of this sarcasm is a facade, though.  I'm extremely proud of myself, which is why, as I play this fiddle tune for you, I'm actually wearing the medal they gave out at the race.  It's the only medal I have ever earned ever.  Ever.  So I'm going to weariteverysingledaydammit!

This is a reel that came to me via a list that an uilleann piper and all around cool dude named Mark gave me.  He plays in a set of three reels, and I already knew the other two, so I figured I learn this one.  It's a popular tune, common at sessions and it's been recorded lots and lots of times.  The melody is beautiful.  But it presents a problem for guitarists sometimes when they want to play chords behind it.  Some players hear the first part in A dorian/mixolydian while others hear it in D.  I think the ambiguity is what helps make this tune really lovely.

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