Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Old Tipperary

I had a really hard time deciding on a tune today.  I've been given quite a few suggestions and all of them are great!  I'll get to them in the next couple weeks.  I heard this jig and it's such a cool, windy melody that I wanted to learn it right away.  It's from the album Geantraì, which is a compilation of a bunch of trad artists playing live session tunes.  This jig was played by Noel Hill and Tony Linnane on concertinas.  They played the tune in Ab so I was obliged to tune my fiddle up a half step to learn it and play along.

I HAVE A NEW MICROPHONE!!!  I haven't played around with it much because it just arrived today.  I'm quite excited about it!  You can hear the difference between this video and the others already because of the lack of noise.  Hooray!

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