Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Northern

This is probably a traditional tune but its original name could be something else.  I learned it off a Liz Carroll and John Doyle album, "In Play."
They call it The Northern because it was in a Northern and Donegal tune collection called The Northern Fiddler.  I'm not sure if it was unnamed in the book, but it seems likely.  I've heard people complain that many of the tunes in this collection are labeled "Untitled."  Apparently, the best part about this collection is the pictures and stories that the editors included.  I haven't read it so I can't verify that, but I'll probably order a copy eventually. This tune is not an incredibly popular tune from what I can tell, although that might change.  Liz Carroll makes tunes sound good so I'm sure a lot of fiddlers sat down and learned this one when they heard the album.

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