Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pols Etter Kristen Hof

I did another Norwegian one today.  And I think after 48 hours of listening to Norwegian fiddler John Ole Morken I'm starting to understand the style a little... but it's still SO foreign and strange sounding to my ears.  ESPECIALLY the kind of tune called pols in Norwegian (polska in Swedish).  So I went ahead and learned one today, hoping that my brain would comprehend it better in forcing myself to figure one out.  The one I learned is on the same John Ole Morken CD as the last Norwegian tune I did.  You can order the CD over at amazon.  (Follow this link.)  It's called Pols Etter Kristen Hof, which either means Pols by Kristen Hof, or Pols for Kristen Hof.  Not sure.


  1. "etter" means "After", so it's a Pols in the style of Kristen Hof. Your playing of it is very good. If you're interested, look into the playing of an instrument called a Hardingfele. It's used to play this kind of music, only it has sympathetic strings, which give an eerie ringing quality to the music.

  2. Hardanger fiddles are awesome. I've played on one before, very cool. Are you Norwegian?