Sunday, September 4, 2011


So this is not the first Swedish tune I've ever learned.  It's the second.
This summer I was lucky to meet Roger Tallroth of the renowned Swedish band Väsen at a fiddle camp and learned a tune from him there.  The rhythm in lots of Swedish traditional music is all kinds of funky to my straight Irish-trained ears.  But one dance form, the schottis or schottiche, is relatively straight-forward.  So today I learned one of those.  I don't have the liner notes from the album, Väsen Street, that I learned this from, so I don't know if this tune (called "Skräplandschottis") is traditional or not.  But either way, it was easy to learn... especially compared to the strange and convoluted polksa Roger taught us at the camp this summer.


  1. Nice performance. You might want to check on the pronunciation of "schottis"

  2. Afaik the 'sch'is pretty unique to Sweden :)
    imagine you're blowing out a candle and add 'ttis'

    Please remind me of introducing Markus Tullberg and Maria Bojlund somtime, they play some pretty awesome music!