Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cousin Sally Brown

Time for some more Old-Time!  I really enjoy Dirk Powell's playing and so I learned his version of this tune.  I don't know if I'll ever break the habit of feeling the beat in an Irishy ahead-of-the-beat way instead of an Old-Time behind-the-beat way.  But that's fine.

This tune is crooked, because the B part has a couple extra beats.  I love crooked tunes.  You're brain naturally guesses what's going to happen when you listen to music, and with a straight tune, it can predict pretty well.   With a crooked tune your brain is outsmarted.  I like that feeling.

So today I have these things to look forward to: Pizza from Lombardi's, and mini-cupcakes from Melissa's in SOHO.  Awww yeah.  I love New York City.

Here's the tune!

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