Monday, July 18, 2011

Master Crowley's

Yo!  So I learned a reel today.  Well, actually I learned an old-time tune a little earlier, but then I really felt like doing an Irish tune instead so then I learned this one.  The old-time tune I deserted is called Half-Past Four (another Ed Haley tune) and it's very cool so I think you should learn it too.

Anyway, Master Crowley's is a fun reel in E minor/dorian.  I learned my version mostly from a youtube video of Kevin Burke playing it in a set of reels, which you can see here.  So I hope you enjoy!

If you think that stuff there at the end is something you simply can't live without, I have good news: you can order Killarney's Pull the Knife over at

I got asked about the bowings to this tune, so I transcribed an approximation of what I'm doing.  Just click on it to see it full-size.  Don't take this as permission to learn this using the sheet music alone!

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