Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Cup of Tea

You know, I have no idea how certain tunes get their names.  Over time they change or adopt second and third names, and the tunes change a lot themselves.  Such is life for the Irish tune. This tune, called "The Cup of Tea" also is known by "The Unfortunate Cup of Tea."  You know there's a story there somewhere.

Thinking about all this makes me think about tea myself.  I really, really like tea.  It's good hot, cold, sweet, with or without milk, and comes in a million varieties.  In other words, tea > coffee, I know... so un-American of me.  I lived in South Africa for a while and a deep, abiding love for Rooibos tea.  Then I lived in Korea and the same happened with Green Tea.  And recently I had the most delicious peach oolong tea.  I start and end my day with tea.  It's more delicious than water, with the same amount of calories, and plenty more benefits depending on the tea.

In honor of the tune I'm trying to think of any unfortunate cup of tea I've had.  I can't come up with any.  Have you ever had a terrible experience with tea or another hot beverage?

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  1. Thanks for posting--great tune! Where is this version from?