Sunday, July 24, 2011


Reels reels reels. I like reels.  And also, this is a great tune and a quick one to learn thanks to its repeated motifs and the fact that the whole thing is only 16 bars long.  So don't you even THINK about heading over to and reading off the notes.  Or else you will get a frowny face.

Tomorrow I'll be heading to New York City so I'll probably be a bit tardy putting a new tune up, but you never know.  I'll try my darnedest to keep this pace up.

Anyway, here's the reel.  It's a common session tune and lots of folks have recorded it as well.

Also, how awesome are my boots!?  I have so far only filmed me from the waist up.  But I just have these awesome boots sitting in the closet and they've been begging me to put them in the spotlight where they belong.  So.  Pity you can't see their full glory in the video.  Maybe I should post a photo of them up close.

Yep.  I will.  Right now.

And.... you're welcome.

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