Thursday, July 28, 2011

Piney Ridge

Another old-time tune?  Why, yes!  I think it'd be easier to do a new Irish tune everyday since that's the genre I'm most fluent in.  But I started this project to stretch myself, after all.  So as flawed as my approach to Old-time may be, I'm going to push myself and learn lots of those kinds of tunes.

Today was hard.  I had a massive headache for some reason.  And fiddling and headaches don't mix too well.  I'm sure there's a fiddle joke in there somewhere.

Anyway, I found another youtube channel where a fellow's been doing a new fiddle tune everyday and he's on day 250 or so.  I guess that means my idea wasn't the first one, but there's nothing new under the sun anyway.  On the up-side, it's inspiring to see someone started this project and has carried on for more than half of a year already.  I should add that I don't think he's necessarily learning a new tune everyday, although maybe he's learning some of them.  His goal is to upload one everyday, so perhaps he's doing lots of tunes he already knows... (plus I've noticed that he might be reading them?  Maybe?  Can't verify that for sure.)   So maybe mine stands out because when I put up my tunes, they're still brand new to me.  1-day-old little newborn tunes that I learned by ear.

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